Can I Drink Coffee With My Invisalign Trays In? No – And Here’s Why!

If you’re a coffee lover and you’re considering Invisalign, you may be wondering if you can drink coffee while wearing your Invisalign trays and correcting your smile. The answer is “no.” It’s not a good idea to drink coffee while wearing your trays.

Why? In this blog from The Burkitt Center, we’ll explain why you can only drink water while wearing Invisalign. We’ll also give coffee lovers a few tips on how to enjoy their morning “cup of joe” during Invisalign treatment. Read on to learn more.

Why Can’t I Drink Coffee While Wearing Invisalign?

You can’t drink coffee while wearing Invisalign. In fact, you shouldn't drink anything except tap water or bottled water while your trays are in. Why? Here are a few reasons.

  • You could stain your teeth and trays – The staining compounds in coffee will stain your aligners over time, discoloring them and making them more obvious. Since your trays will also hold coffee against your teeth as you drink, your teeth may also become stained.
  • You’ll have a higher risk of cavities – Coffee is acidic, and if you drink sugary coffee drinks or add cream and sugar to your coffee, this can combine to increase your risk of cavities.
  • You’ll have bad breath – Coffee tends to dry out your mouth, leading to “coffee breath.” Wearing aligners while drinking coffee makes this even worse.
  • Your trays could warp – Hot beverages like coffee and tea can warp your aligner trays over time, since the “thermoplastic” used to make Invisalign trays is sensitive to heat.

Our Tips For Coffee Lovers Who Wear Invisalign

Don’t fret. If you love coffee, you can still drink it while getting Invisalign treatment. You just have to adjust your lifestyle a bit! Here are some helpful tips to follow.

  • Remove and store your aligners properly – Take your trays out before you drink coffee, rinse them off, and store them in the case. This protects them from accidental damage or loss.
  • Drink your coffee in 15-30 minutes – You need to wear Invisalign for at least 20-22 hours per day. So try to drink your coffee quickly to minimize the amount of time that your trays are out of your mouth.
  • Rinse or brush your teeth after drinking coffee –  If you can, brush your teeth after you drink coffee. If this is not practical, you may rinse your mouth with mouthwash or water instead. This helps freshen your breath and prevents cavities and stains.

Learn More About Invisalign From The Burkitt Center

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