Are Veneers Permanent?

If you’re interested in dental veneers in Brentwood or Nolensville, you may have heard that they're permanent, since they involve irreversibly altering your teeth. Is that true? Yes! But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In this blog from the Burkitt Center for Comprehensive Dentistry, we’ll clear up some misconceptions and explain what you really need to know about cosmetic dental treatment with porcelain veneers.

Veneers Are A Permanent, Non-Reversible Treatment

It is true that veneers are a permanent treatment. During the treatment process, some enamel must be removed from each tooth that’s getting a veneer. This must be done to make room for the veneer so that it doesn't change your bite. This process is not reversible, which means that you’ll need to keep wearing your veneers for the rest of your life.

However, veneers have a very long lifespan of up to 10-20 years, and they can last even longer if you maintain good oral hygiene and you avoid things like chewing non-food objects, which could lead to premature veneer failure. If one of your veneers ever does fail or break, Dr. Will Jones can simply repair or replace the veneer and restore your smile.

Veneers Don’t “Ruin” Your Teeth – They’ll Be Just As Strong After Treatment

Having some of your enamel removed may sound like a bad thing, but it really isn’t. Only about 0.5mm of enamel has to be removed during the veneer placement process. This does weaken the tooth somewhat, which is why you shouldn’t have your veneers removed in the future.

However, once the veneers are in place, your teeth will be just as strong as they were before treatment, if not stronger. The porcelain material used for modern veneers looks and feels just like real enamel, and it’s just as durable.

Another added bonus of veneers is that, unlike your natural enamel, porcelain is not porous. This means it’s impossible for your veneers to become stained, so your smile will look brilliant for years to come.

What If I Don’t Want To Get Permanent Cosmetic Treatment?

If you’re not ready to commit to veneers, teeth whitening is a good way to improve your smile. Teeth whitening is fast, totally non-invasive, and takes just a single appointment at The Burkitt Center For Comprehensive Dentistry. It’s also a very affordable choice.

Another option is dental bonding. Like veneers, bonding can be used to treat things like uneven, misshapen, and slightly chipped teeth. But unlike veneers, it doesn’t require enamel removal. Instead, Dr. Jones will use a special type of dental resin to rebuild and restore your tooth.

Dental bonding is reversible, and it also is cheaper than veneers. The primary drawback is that bonding is not as durable or long-lasting. It usually only lasts 7-10 years, and bonded teeth are more prone to chips and damage when compared to teeth that have been restored with veneers.

Explore Your Cosmetic Treatment Options At The Burkitt Center For Comprehensive Dentistry!

If you’d like a brighter smile in Brentwood or Nolensville, Dr. Will Jones and our team are here to help. At The Burkitt Center for Comprehensive Dentistry, we specialize in cosmetic dentistry. We can help you explore all of your options for treatment, including veneers, teeth whitening, dental bonding, and more. So don’t wait. Take the first steps toward your dream smile by calling us at (615) 941-3368, or contacting us online to schedule an appointment.

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